The Spirit

The Character

The Character

Exactly where he’s got gone and what ever he’s got done there was a spirit  every where plus everything.

The warrior is well-aware associated with the nature and it’s really magical powers and he brings out the essence of each and every knowledge.

The spirit is a directing power,which is handling their present and certainly will endure till end.

The character works  even if he could be tired and concerned and protects each little bit of their activity.


The nature is similar to his mom in which he features great faith on his character.

By the command of their character the hills would be displaced and sea will go back.

He could be well aware for the helping nature associated with the nature and loves the spirit.

It takes care of each little bit of his thoughts,words and deeds.


In the midst of intense task the character could be the continual watcher additionally the care taker.

It’s continuously seeing all their tasks and is making all of them objective oriented.

Their goals and hopes tend to be taken care of because of the nature even though he’s asleep.

So he’s  certain that 1 day he can satisfy all their hopes and dreams and hopes and lead a happy life.


The character never wants him to be in an unsatisfied state also it always would like to just take him forward.

The character that he features gained from his parents,friends,teachers and all sorts of the well wishers are helping him when you look at the struggle of life.

They can drive their life boat safely and steadily even when  the ocean is stormy.

The current becomes breathtaking and perfect because of the assisting nature of this spirit.


He loves their character and character really loves him like most thing  and really wants to give him everything which he wishes.

He often becomes unacquainted with the loving nature of the spirit and weeps and drops into sorrows and despair.

The nature never succumbs to worldly miseries and always keeps their head-high.

The nature cleanse him from all the bad causes and guides him towards light.


The wicked causes loose their abilities by the unlimited power of this spirit.

It engulfs most of the bad forces in life and fills your brain while the mind with good thoughts and thoughts.

The warrior effortlessly works and some times achives astounding success and thanks the character.

He’s dead sure that his spirit is the spark of this Divine and is a continuing enlivener of his previous,present and future.


Aided by the nature given that constant guider he works efficiently and courageously.

With greater hope and strength he acts the shoppers and performs his duty.

To keep his spirit delighted he does his responsibility perfectly and smilingly.

The spirit continuously massages his inside and outside sufficient reason for great vigour and power he moves forward.


When he feels tired the spirit tends to make him recall the pleasant memories of gorgeous locations.

It sings beautiful tracks for him and then he forgets his anguish and despair.

It will take care of all their moves and helps make the life smooth and beautiful.

Becoming well nurtured by the character and dealing perfectly he sleeps into the slumber associated with spirit hoping an attractive sunrise.